12 Months, 12 Startups

I love building things. But I struggle with finishing things.

That’s why I’m committing to building and shipping a new product every month for a year. Beginning in May 2020.

The concept of a startup every month for a year is not new. I’ve followed Pieter Levels and Jon Yongfook on their journeys and their successes doing 12 startups in 12 months, and I think this could work for me too.

Here are a few reasons why I’m going to embark on this journey.

✅ Finishing Things

I have no shortage of ideas to work on. But when it comes to finishing I often leave projects in construction. I’m a creative person, and as Pieter Levels said, we like to work on ‘new’ things instead of finishing ‘old’ things. This project will force me to stick to a deadline and finish projects.

🚢 Shipping Things

When I do finish projects I struggle with launching them. It might be a component of finishing things (see above), fear of failure, or something else. Whatever it is this project will help me get over that hurdle and ship things.

📈 Increasing the Probability of Success

Some ideas suck. Some don’t. By increasing the number of projects I launch, I’ll have a more varied portfolio of projects. Which means that my odds of finishing a project that makes money, gains users, or scratches an itch increases drastically.

🏃 Changing my Habits

This project will force me to complete things, and show them to the world. Which is not something I typically like to do. I’d like to change that.

Next Steps

I’ll be looking at ideas I’ve been sitting on and things I’ve been wanting to work on and building a roadmap of projects that I could feasibly bring to market in under a month.

Updates on my Progress

I’ll be posting updates here every month as new projects are posted. I’ll also be posting updates on my blog and Twitter as work progresses.